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Handicap parking is required by law and most city ordinances and must be clearly marked with approved handicap signs and symbols. A business owner or retail store owner can be fined for not having enough handicap spaces and or not having them clearly marked with placards and symbols.

Valley Seal Coat specializes in parking lot striping and handicap logo designations. We are aware of the codes and ordinances and can help you maintain compliance and safety. Our crews can prep and paint logos at times that will have a minimum impact on business hours.

Handicap parking logos and handicap signs are very helpful to those who visit your business and need to park close to entrances or services. Clearly marked handicap logos places in specified locations make it easy for those who need them to find them and access your business or retail location. Your customers will appreciate you for having spaces set aside for them.


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HandicapHandicap Parking Symbol

We have assorted sizes available for painted handicap parking signs and symbols as well as placards to place over handicap spaces.

We can help you comply with local and federal laws and make sure you are providing enough spaces in the correct locations for those needing handicap spaces. Call us today for a FREE estimate on your next sealing or striping job.