Parking-Lot-Seal-Coating-Before-and-After by Valley Seal CoatParking Lot Sealing

Parking lot sealing for Wasilla and Palmer  area businesses is a must because these are some of the most abused surfaces found anywhere on earth! Studded tires, snow plowing, and constant use take a toll on commercial asphalt surfaces like these. Only regular asphalt maintenance and care can assure you that your black top and asphalt surfaces will stand the test of time. Sealcoating and crack sealing are a must if you want your surfaces to remain safe and in in good repair.

Valley Seal Coat specializes in sealing parking lots and sealcoating large asphalt surfaces for businesses and retail stores. We can arrange to seal coat your parking lot while maintaining the least impact on your customers or business hours. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

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Sealing Parking Lots and Striping by Valley Seal CoatValley Parking Lot Sealcoating & Sealing

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and your businesses parking lot is often your customers first look at your business location.

Business and commercial locations also have increased liability with customers parking and walking on their property. Cracks in asphalt, uneven surfaces, chuck holes, and broken edges are all potential hazards and should be avoided.

Regular crack filling and asphalt sealing treatments will give you peace of mind and assure you that you have mitigated some of the risk on your property as well as beautify your grounds.

Sealing your parking lot can be easier and more cost effective than you may think. It is definitely more cost effective then letting weather and wear and tear degrade to the point it must be resurfaced completely. Regular crack filling and sealing is the key to maximum asphalt life and usefulness for Alaska.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation. Our professional sealcoating experts can provide an accurate estimate of the work to be done before it begins.